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Beijing Silk Road Enterprise Management Services Co.,LTD latest company case about Excavator Accessories Type Details

Excavator Accessories Type Details


latest company case about Excavator Accessories Type Details

For the details of the types of excavator parts, let's take a look at the editors of the professional Volvo excavator parts manufacturers below.

1. Standard boom, excavator extended boom, extended boom (including two-section extended boom and three-section extended boom, the latter is the demolition boom)

2. Standard bucket, rock bucket, reinforced bucket, gutter bucket, grid bucket, screen bucket, cleaning bucket, tilt bucket, thumb bucket, trapezoidal bucket.

3. Bucket hook, rotary hydraulic grab, hydraulic grab, pliers, wood grab, mechanical grab, quick-change joint, looser

4. Excavator quick connectors, excavator oil cylinders, breakers, hydraulic shears, hydraulic rammers, vibrating hammers, bucket teeth, tooth seats, crawler belts, supporting sprockets, rollers.


5. Engine, hydraulic pump, distribution valve, center slewing, slewing bearing, walking drive, cab

6. Chassis parts, including idler, idler, support roller, drive tooth, chain, chain link, chain pin, bucket shaft, four-wheel belt, chain rail assembly, idler bracket, slewing bearing, crawler, rubber Track, track assembly, track shoe, tensioning device, tensioning cylinder block, tensioning cylinder, universal cross shaft, chain plate screws, large spring, chain plate, chain link, chain guard, bottom guard.

7. Hydraulic parts, including main oil seal, repair kit, O-ring, water pump repair kit, breaker repair kit, distribution valve repair kit, hydraulic pump repair kit, rotary pump repair kit, cylinder repair kit, travel motor repair kit, hydraulic cylinder , Piston, middle arm cylinder, bucket cylinder, cylinder barrel, tensioning cylinder, piston rod, large nut, Dabie cylinder.


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